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Summary of December 21, 1984 TPIR episode

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Nov. 22nd, 2012 | 07:47 pm
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posted by: alex_8899 in tpirecaps


I really, really, really, really, REALLY wanted to give you guys something special for Black Friday. I really did.

Unfortunately, this isn't "In Living Color Recaps", "The Cosby Show Recaps", "227 Recaps", or even "My Wife and Kids Recaps". It's TPIRecaps. And to the best of my knowledge, there's no TPIR episode in which every contestant was black. So, you're getting this instead.

At least I picked a good episode to recap: you get to see Contestants' Row with pink borders, a playing of Check Game back when it was called Blank Check, a model chat, my very first recap of Walk of Fame (waking up that sleepy-ass tag in the process), a semi-infamous Master Key playing, a SCSD that ends in TWO Spinoffs, and a VERY infamous Pick a Pair playing!

Plus, as you can probably gather from that leather pride flag in the upper right corner, you get to see fetish fuel! ^^

Let's get started, shall we? Here's your YouTube video, courtesy of TheMultiKingWorld! The whole episode's in that one video, without commercials.

Remember, since this is a Christmas episode, I'm indicating wins with things I want (thigh-high boots, revenge against someone who pissed me off, etc.), and losses with things I don't want (aforementioned person getting revenge against me, ankle-high boots, etc.!). On a related side note, this was Johnny Olson's last Christmas! ;_;

The Price is Right Episode #2,675

Vital Stats:

  • Production #5535D
  • Prevailing Models: Those three women
  • Microphone handoff done by: That blonde

Opening Titles:
  • Happiest Hour

Outfits of the Day:

  • Bob: Botany 500 clothes
  • The models: Red Playboy bunny-style one-piece swimsuits with white felt trim, Santa hats, short white gloves, and red boots (also with white trim)!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Round 1

Okay, so TMKW DOES leave in ONE commercial: a lead-in to the episode that GSN did. This episode was part of a "Christmas on TPIR" marathon, aired back when GSN actually COULD air TPIR!

First Four Contestants:
Edward Hoag
Brown-haired guy with glasses and U.S. Marines dress uniform.
Carol Patterson
Strange hybrid of Drew Carey and Mimi Bobeck who wears a light blue satiny shirt and only slightly darker blue pants.
Christine Eng
White (not Asian! >_<) woman with butch-style brown hair, yellow shirt, and slate-colored skirt.
Leanne Keller
Blonde with white shirt, majorette skirt, and pumps.

First Four Lineup: left-to-right.

Bob keeps Janice on the stage for a bit after she gives him the microphone, and namedrops Carlos de Abreu (her second husband, who cowrote Husband, Lover, Spy, a book on her FIRST husband!) in the process. "Isn't this exactly what any red-blooded guy would like to find under his Christmas tree?" (Not TheNewNeko. He'd instead want the models completely naked! D:)

IUFB: Animatronic Mr./Mrs. Santa Claus figures
  • Modeled by: Holly
  • Location: the Clam
  • Music: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I don't know if I've mentioned this in another recap, but at this point, the Clam was deep red and had a yellow Superball $ on it with a 3D effect.

At this point, and for the vast majority of Season 13 and a bit of Season 14 (just long enough to see some usage in the Tom Kennedy version), the Contestants' Row podiums had pink outlines instead of the green ones you're familiar with.

The Bidding:
EdwardCarolChristineLeanneActual Retail Price

I sure hope no one reading this recap is on Team Jacob, because Edward just won! Edward, whose nametag wilted, plays Blank Check for a rolltop desk (long-ass list of options that Johnny O. slurred through...evidently, HE'S on Team Jacob!).
  • Modeled by: Dian
  • Music: Phaser (HOLY SHIT!!! I actually predicted this!)

Yes, the game was called "Blank Check" at this point and not "Check Game"! The set was lighter-colored and the text wasn't in darker brown boxes. The "$3,000 to $3,500" text was in the same font as the rest of the game, and the game didn't have any think music at this point. Instead, the beeps from Range Game were used.

And, oh yeah, the win range was $3,000-$3,500 at this point. This playing of Check Game is on GSCentral.net, with this warning: "Dian does not come with the prize."

The audience claps when Bob announces this game's name, and he's impressed. He claims he can remember when the audience moaned at the sight of the game. But I thought moaning was a GOOD thing! D:

Edward's check: $1,650
Price of desk: $2,000
Total: $3,650! (Janice gives Edward the VOID STAMP!)

Wellington boots! Ò_Ó

Round 2

Johnny is shown on-camera as he calls:
Albert Powalek
Nearly-bald middle-aged guy with blue plaid shirt and blue jeans.

IUFB: Ventura luggage
  • Bonus: St. Ives skin care products (modeled by Janice, who holds a picture of them instead of a physical prop)
  • Modeled by: Holly
  • Location: the Price is Right Train (Janice is engineer)
  • Music: piano Cue 15

The Bidding:
AlbertCarol (first four)Christine (first four)Leanne (first four)Actual Retail Price

Leanne, who wears Catholic schoolgirl-style short white socks and black pumps! :D :D :D, plays One Right Price for the following (music: Second Thoughts):
  • Jump's Room Rascals Inc.(???) fire engine-shaped bunk bed (which I'll be in if you need me; modeled by Dian)
  • Lee's 3-piece bar set (modeled by Holly)

Okay. There's your glove AND boot fetish porn. I went after Holly because she's the tallest (5'10")!

The price (modeled by Janice): $1,403.

Leanne says: The bar set.
Price of bar set: $1,403! (Price of refrigerator: $1,700.)

A date with an Asian girl in thigh-high boots!

Oh, hey! What's this? Bob's doing a model chat now! :D He wants to know what the models want for Christmas. Dian only wants "love and happiness", but Holly wants a new Ferrari! xD Janice just wants to spend time with her family.

Round 3

New Contestant:
Angelique Klusky
Leanne-alike with brown butch hair and pink clothes.

IUFB: Gibson Washmaster automatic washer/dryer (with a red gift bow)
  • Modeled by: Dian
  • Location: veiled by the Dollar Sign
  • Music: another Cue 19 remix (I also predicted that this would be the music cue, too! :D)

My music cue prediction skillz are extremely 1337 today!!111!!!1 ^^

The Bidding:
AlbertCarol (first four)Christine (first four)AngeliqueActual Retail Price

Christine plays Master Key for the following (music: the ugly-sounding version of Big Banana):
  • Goldstar 19-inch Color TV™ (modeled by Holly)
  • Berkline sleeper sofa (modeled by Dian)
  • Mazda GLC sedan: Velour upholstery, reclining bucket seats, plush carpeting, California Emission™ (modeled by Janice)

Door #2 sure looks cramped! D: The reveal for this game is the same as it is today, but at this point, there was no turntable for the car!

Okay, here's the semi-infamous Master Key playing I was talking about earlier. As far as I know, this is the earliest playing of Master Key that circulates among the fandom, and for this playing, the Master Key sign is missing! This led to the fandom believing that, just like many Season 1 games and One Wrong Price, Master Key originally didn't have a logo and had one added later.

In reality, Master Key has ALWAYS had its sign. The reason why it's missing here is because of that wreath on the Turntable wall, which is approximately where the sign would be.

At this point, the Master Key sign had a dark red cityscape background. It was removed on its first playing in Season 38 because it proved to be problematic with the then-new Turntable.

Remember, this game is considered a win if Christine at least wins the car. My key numbers go from left to right.
Small PrizeMusicShown PriceChristine says...ResultKey picked
Ambush perfumePlinko's second prize (Cue 14)$645$45RIGHT!3
Hickory Farms beef/cheese packPlinko's fourth prize (xylophone remix of main theme)$122$22RIGHT!5

HUH!?! How was GSN allowed to air THIS episode!?! I thought Bob had banned it! Furthermore, how were they allowed to even give the second SP away (aside from the fact that Bob wasn't yet executive producer at this point)?

Evidently, he only seems to care about fur coats. Talk about a "single-issue wonk"! >_<;

Key #5...opens nothing!!!
Key #3...opens the sofa!

A date with an Asian girl in thigh-high boots who's pregnant, a breast cancer survivor, a lesbian (especially butch), a cop, a former U.S. Marine, a flight attendant, or an employee for Appalachian Power or Verizon! >_<

Because the stupid assclowns who produce this show never reveal the prices of the prizes in this game, final standings have now been rendered impossible unless Christine goes to the Showcase round and wins. (And even then, I STILL won't know the prices of the TV or car!)

Showcase Showdown 1

I'm using a GSN rerun to recap this episode, so no ticket or fee plugs! D:

ContestantRunning TotalFirst SpinSecond SpinTotal
Edward$1,12070¢Forfeited it70¢

Round 4

New Contestant:
Darlene Lemon
Older brown-haired woman with poofy red satin blouse tucked into black pants.

IUFB: AT&T Genesis phone
  • Modeled by: Holly
  • Location: pushed out by her in front of Contestants' Row
  • Music: a high-pitched-sounding version of Cue 19

The Bidding:
AlbertCarol (first four)DarleneAngeliqueActual Retail Price

Strangely enough, Darlene's game is behind the Giant Price Tag, not the Race Game Curtain as I expected. (At this point, we're STILL using the original GPT, not the "outer space" tag as I expected!) She plays Walk of Fame for the following (music: the Temptation Cue):
  • Mirro non-stick cookware (modeled by Dian)
  • Cupboard (modeled by Holly)
  • Honda 650 Nighthawk motorcycle: 4-cylinder engine, special hydraulic valve adjustment system, dual front disc brakes, electric tachometer, track system, self-adjusting hydraulic clutch (modeled by Janice)
  • Coleman Sun Valley 19-foot Friggin' Random Trailer™ (with cheesy graphic; modeled by Janice)

WOW. This is the very first time I've ever heard the actual, honest-to-God Temptation Cue on the show outside of the cut that was used to introduce closed captioning plugs in the Barker era.

This playing of Walk of Fame is also on Brad Francini's GSCentral.net site.

Note that I consider this game won if Darlene wins the final prize, regardless of whether or not she had to use a Second Chance to get there.
PrizeRangeDarlene's bidActual priceDifference
Darlene picks the red autograph book.

And the price of the trailer went unrevealed.

(le sigh)

Roger Dobkowitz's inner monologue: (in thick Southern accent) "Standards and Practices? LOL, what's that? Sounds like some show on NBC!"

A date with Brandi Sherwood-Cochran! >x(

Round 5

Who gets the Lucky Spot™?
Carolyn Matthews
Black woman with dark blue jacket and white blouse.

Johnny's shown on-camera again!

IUFB: Waverly "Hook Bed"(!?!)1 Collection area rug
  • Modeled by: Janice
  • Location: suspended from the ceiling in front of Door #2
  • Music: Rye Bread

1THIS, ladies and germs, is why I'm a proud member of the "Rod Roddy > Johnny Olson" camp. Rod NEVER slurred as badly as Johnny is doing here. Even when cancer was consuming him, Rod still maintained an articulate voice!

The Bidding:
AlbertCarol (first four)CarolynAngeliqueActual Retail Price
$1,450$600$950$750MASS OVERBID!!!

Either these people are stupid dumbasses, or that's a CHEAP rug! Either way, Carol's bid means no First Four Breakfast Club recruits for today! She's the last of the First Four, and she takes her ugly, thick-ass glasses up to the Turntable to play Money Game for a Chevy Chevette 2-door hatchback coupe (1.6L I4 engine, black-wall tires, other standard equipment, tinted glass, California Emission™, automatic transmission, power brakes, air conditioning).
  • Modeled by: Holly
  • Music: Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour main theme

The audience groans when this game spins around! D:


Caroline Rhea better watch her back...look what's floating around in her square! ¬_¬

At one point, Johnny's shown on-camera yet again as Carol asks him what kind of car it was. Note that the curtains behind him also have CBS logos on them. Can you even SEE them?

Carol's pickResultRunning Total
65Front of car!
96Back of car!

Price of car: $6,596! (Okay, so Caroline DIDN'T need to watch her back...El Cheapo was a bluff here! ^^;)

A date with an Asian girl in thigh-high boots AND shoulder-length leather gloves! :D :D :D

Bob's doing that "Bob Barker Gave Me This Car" gag again.

Round 6

New Contestant:
Joy Rash
Blonde woman with purple sweater and darker purple Spandex pants.

IUFB: Thermador Waste King dishwasher (30-minute cycle, stainless steel)
  • Bonus: Electrasol dish detergent
  • Modeled by: Janice
  • Location: the Turntable
  • Music: a Cue 15 remix

The closeup of Janice they used for the Electrasol, in one word: EWWWWW. Janice was ALREADY showing her age in 1984! D:

The Bidding:
AlbertJoyCarolynAngeliqueActual Retail Price
$495$475$450$425, dude! xD$645

Albert, a San Antonio native who's been "touring the country", plays Pick a Pair for a trip to Tokyo (6 nights @ The New Otani) valued at $3,605.
  • Modeled by: Dian
  • Music: Cue 15

The grocery items (music: Bhen):
  • Sun Giant raisins
  • Sue Bee Honey (with drastically different packaging)
  • Artmatic mascara
  • Big Hershey's Krackel bar
  • Cole's garlic bread
  • Carol Shelby's Texas chili

At this point, the carnival music hadn't yet been added to the game, something that makes me very happy! ^^

Albert picks: Chili and bread.
The chili is $1.59, but the bread is $1.19!
(Should've picked the chili and the raisins.)

My name in an actual, functioning Death Note! O_o

Bob decides to go on a tangent. He talks about how the game works, and points out that he knows in advance what the price of each grocery item is because he can see the little space in between the prize label and the price display. ...And then, somewhere along the line, it suddenly dawns on him that HE FORGOT TO GIVE ALBERT A SECOND CHANCE!!!

Needless to say...

Albert, an utter dumbass who doesn't know shit about pricing grocery items, keeps the chili and takes a completely wild guess from outta nowhere by picking the raisins!
What a miracle! They're both $1.59! :D

GSN.com user sshuffield70's name in an actual, functioning Death Note! :D

Note that when Bob finally realizes his mistake, they don't even bother trying to hide anything. The prop guy turns the Ferris wheel backwards and stops on the raisins! And then the raisins and chili both light up! ...Yeah. I bet Standards and Practices had a good, long talk with Bob over THAT one! xD

Showcase Showdown 2

ContestantRunning TotalFirst SpinSecond SpinTotalSpinoffSpinoff #2
Darlene$1,17570¢Forfeited it70¢65¢65¢! D:
Carol$6,99670¢Forfeited it70¢65¢95¢!

Bob Drop: "This is a new show called The 65¢ Hour!"


Carol is the Top Winner, and Leanne is the Runner-Up.

Showcase 1: Every Room in the House A Trip Down Main Street
Music: Sleigh Ride (Boston Pops version). Janice models the prizes in Door #2, while Dian models the prizes in Door #3.
  • Rattan glass-top dinette set
  • "Microwave range": Basically, it's a microwave and an oven folded into one unit
  • A bit further down (Door #3), there's a jukebox
  • Polaris Cutlass SS snowmobile

Carol passes to Leanne, who bids $8,200.
My bid: $6,000.

Showcase 2: Dian's Wet Dreams
  • First she dreams of an elf (Holly) giving her a Michael C. Fina cultured pearl necklace with 4K gold clasp (music: White Christmas; note that at some point, a smiling Holly points to her mouth, a pose many of us today only with Asian girls! Also, note that Carol somehow shows up in Dian's dream thanks to some Marc Breslow directing FAIL!)
  • She next dreams of Janice on the Turntable in an Amalia of Beverly Hills evening gown with gold lamé ruffle (music: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
  • Finally, she dreams of Santa himself (some people on the YT vid think Gene Wood is playing him, but QwizX's recap says it's Johnny O.) giving her a Cadillac El Dorado 2-door coupe: V8 engine, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, power windows, other standard equipment, 6-way power passenger seat, floor mats, door edge guards, cabriolet roof, electric rear window defog, heated outside mirrors, "opera lamps" (those anything like "opera gloves"? ;)), illuminated entry system, vanity mirrors, leather telecsopic steering wheel, white wheel covers with locking discs, twilight sentinel (Bella or Edward?), trumpet horn, AM/FM/cassette, digital instrument cluster, cruise control, California Emission™ (music: remix of previous prize's cue)

...Maybe Dian really IS having a wet dream! She practically thrashes in her bed when she dreams of the Caddy! D: Turns out, the Showcase contains prizes that Dian FORGOT to add to her Christmas list, and when she wakes up, she unrolls a whole roll of toilet paper about 19 miles long!

So much for only wanting "love and happiness" for Christmas, eh? Talk about "gameplay and story segregation"! xD

Carol bids $15,000.
My bid: $20,500.

Final Results

PlayerShowcaseBidActual PriceDifference
LeanneMain Street$8,200$9,624-$1,424

Leanne wins! (My differences: -$3,624 for the first, -$6,326 for the second.)

At this point, Bob was giving his spay/neuter line, but not on every episode. Not only does he NOT say the line here, but he doesn't even use his regular signoff, either! Sleigh Ride replaces the main theme as we get the short credits.

What Leanne Won:
  • Luggage
  • $100 cash
  • A bunk bed
  • A bar set
  • A dinette set
  • A microwave
  • An oven
  • A jukebox
  • A snowmobile

Total: $13,327. (The total the show gives is off by $25.)

Today's Pricing Games: 3 out of 6.

Should I put a "frivolity: technical win" tag on this entry for the Pick a Pair playing? D:

Enter the audience | Come on down! | Pass this Showcase

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